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‘Swamp Thing’ teaser trailer drops on heels of show ending production early in Wilmington

The show was scheduled to premiere on a new DC Universe streaming service at the end of May. Leaders in the film industry expected it to shoot several seasons in Wilmington.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show has been cut from 13 episodes to 10 because of creative differences at its streaming platform, DC Universe.
— Ashlea Kosikowski for WECT6 in Wilmington, North Carolina

DCUniverse's Titans is better than I expected based on their advance promotion, and Doom Patrol is great (it would fit well on HBO, honestly). As WarnerMedia makes its plans for whatever their version of Disney+ is going to be, I hope the Bellheads at AT&T don't just dump projects like Swamp Thing on account of clearing out the work of the previous regime.

None of us speculating know precisely why they cut back the order of episodes, but more is not necessarily a good thing in all cases when it comes to seasons of TV. A common note from even the avowed fans of the various NetflixMarvel shows was that they could have been done in shorter seasons of episodes.

"Give it another dozen episodes, you'll like it" is no longer a thing.