Electric Shadow

How to Support Electric Shadow

Here are the best ways to help directly support the relaunch of Electric Shadow (both the podcast and this column):

I. Subscribe & Listen, Review & Recommend

  1. Tell friends about Electric Shadow. Pick specific episodes you know they'd be into. Sending a link helps more than you think!
  2. VERY helpful: write a review in iTunes/Apple Podcasts that has something specific to it...an episode or moment you especially enjoyed.
  3. EXTRA helpful: upvote the best reviews you see in iTunes/Apple Podcasts. The show has been on hiatus for a while, and this makes a difference.

II. Sign up for a Membership

For just $5 a month, get early access to "Workprint" cuts of upcoming Electric Shadow episodes, and assorted "Special Features".

At launch, members get four "Workprint" (details on the linked page) episodes and the first installment of "Studio Notes" in the Special Features feed.

III. Like & Retweet The One Tweet

Twitter is...different now. Just getting a tweet seen by anyone takes a lot of "engagement".

IV. Follow/"Engage" Electric Shadow on Twitter/Insta/FB

The convention/film festival gigs and interview opportunities I get look at not just social media follower counts, but more importantly, engagement (likes and shares and retweets). Below I've laid out a menu of what's most helpful:

V. Additional Financial Support/Sponsorship

Depending on the volume of Membership signups, those funds can help offset things in various categories below. That said, you never know what resources people may have unless you ask.

If interested in one-time tipping or sending money, I have PayPal and CashApp.


I work with a variety of known podcast sponsors, and the podcast will continue to feature ads. I'm interested in doing the sort of weekly feed sponsorship as implemented on sites like Daring Fireball for the purpose of the column/blog. If you are yourself or you work with a company that does podcast sponsorship that is interested in any of this, get in touch.


I make the podcast on a 2012 Retina MacBook Pro whose graphics hardware has failed multiple times, and the backup hardware I have is older than that. My mobile/travel recording "rig" is missing things that would make group interviews and junkets more doable. The unusable iPad I have is also from 2012.

  • "Old Keyboard" Retina MacBook Pro (new/used/size they matter not)
  • compact mobile recording equipment (do you know someone at Shure, for example)
  • current-model iPad Pro


There are "high-value target" events, festivals, and conventions where I do not have the organizers or a client covering my travel costs. An array of things can/could be helpful include but aren't limited to:

  • interview access to talent (preferably longform)
  • airline miles
  • lodging/accommodations