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I used to think that making it possible for people to do so was a sign of desperation. We don't live in that world anymore.

The best way support my writing and podcasting directly right now is by subscribing to a recurring membership for the podcast Electric Shadow the podcast. You get access to member-exclusive content as an incentive.

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About this site, which cannot be killed

Electric Shadow is a column/linked-list blog/textstream that dreams of ascending to elderblog1 status, written by Moisés Chiullán. It mostly concerns itself with cinema and "entertainment media", with diversions into politics, technology, and the discourse. Electric Shadow is also a podcast that started in 2014. It (like this elder milleniblog) returned from a long hiatus in 2019.

Electric Shadow began life as Arthouse Cowboy,the entirety of which is archived in the same primary blog feed. Arthouse Cowboy began its life as a sub-column on a site I won't name2 in 2004.

Various migrations have broken parts of that archive, which are (in theory) being repaired bit by bit. Some longform series have been unpublished for the purpose of reworking into new and improved hypertextual content. Otherwise, the archives should be fully restored before the heat death of the universe.

About Moisés Chiullán, who hates 3rd person bios

I grew up in Texas (suburban Dallas), went to college in Florida, and have lived in Texas (Austin) since leaving Florida.

Most of my professional work since 2011 has involved hosting or co-hosting podcasts or selling sponsorship for said shows. Aside from guest appearances on other shows (most frequently on The Incomparable, I co-hosted The Critical Path with Horace Dediu (episodes 52 through 119).

I've otherwise most recently (since leaving Apple in 2010) done consulting work in marketing and business development for large-scale event production, including corporate partnerships and sponsorships as well as advertising sales, that sort of thing. I'm also a freelance columnist, writer, and interviewer as those opportunities come up.

I've directed, produced, and acted in live theatre, but have been "retired" since 2010. The work of a director is nourishing and fulfilling, but what I really love to do is act.3

I host Q&A's and panels at film festivals and comic conventions4 (this goes back to the early '00s).5 I started working 10+ comic conventions a year in 2016.6 It is one of the weirdest gigs I've ever had, and the best part is that the little kid who wanted to be a hybrid of Johnny Carson and Dick Cavett is getting to do a version of that as an adult. If you run a comic convention, film festival, or similar event and are interested in booking me (for pay)7, the best "reel" I have at the moment is comprised of the interviews featured on Electric Shadow, which are overwhelmingly drawn from convention work.

Previous/other work:

  • script doctoring and consulting (in various forms of the word "script" across various media)
  • trend analysis and forecasting (across varied fields)
  • quality assurance and user acceptance testing (again across various fields)
  • general business consulting
  • all of my I.T. certifications are over a decade out of date
  • musical theatre and non-musical theatre actor, producer, director, and playwright
  • terrifying academic advisors by jumping from Film to Communication Studies to Theatre to Anthropology as an undergrad


1 Credit to Warren Ellis' newsletter Orbital Operations for infecting this space with the concept of elderblogging.

2 Before you ask (if it's something you care about, and if you do, you know the name of the site in question)...no I don't condone nor approve of any of the opinions or behavior of the guy who runs that site. This footnote would not exist if I didn't to this day get asked what I think of this or that thing he's said or done.

3 If you're reading this, I hope that this joke in particular landed.

4 To answer one of the most common questions about this part of my life: yes, I met Stan Lee. I worked with him many times from 2014 until he retired from convention appearances. He was great. Do not bother telling me why you think he was overrated or anything of that sort. Start a blog instead.

5 The answer to "how did you start doing that?" is long. The answer to "how do I (you) get those gigs?" is longer.

6 I'm telling you, it is not a vacation and does not pay a sustainable living wage. It's work (not play), it's lonelier and less glamorous than you think.

7 Yes, I get asked to work for free frequently, and I do not work for free or "exposure".