Electric Shadow

Content Is Coming

Not that there aren’t a few caveats to the veritable content bonanza. “I wouldn’t say Game of Thrones was ‘guaranteed’ traffic,” Hibberd cautioned. “It may be the most traffic-driving show out there but because of that every outlet is writing about it constantly, so you have to stand out with content other sites don’t have or grab breaking news with speed that others aren’t matching.”
— James Yeh, for The Outline

Game of Thrones is more than what may end up the last "cultural moment" show. It may also mark the peak (nadir, depending on perspective) of the race to create Collective Attention Content, a term I made up as I typed it. Saying that this feels like final race to be "first!" in media meta-coverage is just an invitation to be proven wrong by someone on TikTok.

How many times can you "break the internet?"

How many pieces are left?