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AppleTV Adds Channels, Taketh Away "TV" Button?

AppleTV added Disney Channel, Disney XD, The Weather Channel, VEVO, and Smithsonian Channel the other day. I fired up my AppleTV just now to put something on, and the TV Shows button in the top row is gone all of a sudden.

Maybe it's a momentary glitch, or maybe Apple decided people didn't want to "own" their TV shows after all.

UPDATE (4:10pm CT): It looks like this is a global thing. It isn't just US or UK, and it isn't the result of a software update. Does it bother anyone else that Apple can remote-pull or have core features fail one by one?

UPDATE (4:35pm CT) : After trying to open TV Shows in iTunes itself, it crashes you out to the main iTunes Store screen. Clicking on individual shows found on that main page still take you to the individual show pages. This all makes it seem like this is a temporary thing. For people in Europe doing their evening TV watching, the failure of the TV Shows "frontend" on the AppleTV itself is something that looks like they intentionally, maliciously removed the ability to access content they've paid for in advance.