Electric Shadow

Frame 147: Phone Work

One of the best parts of Mamet plays and movies is the phone work.

Glengarry Glen Ross has grown in popularity most during the last decade, during which our Always Be Closing culture has come to grips with the fact that Attention, Interest, Decision, and Action alone cannot save us.

Glengarry Glen Ross_00001.jpg

The lack of a Blu-ray edition has cost them bargain bin money. Many other movies of the time with less-recognizeable actors have been very popular $8 bin sellers. I suggest whoever has these rights now (Lionsgate?) go and do likewise.

On occasion, I tell the story of how I once directed an all-female cast in the Alec Baldwin/"Blake"-free play if we go to lunch. Go to lunch. Will you go to lunch? Will you go to lunch?

This whole post will confuse people who don't know the movie or David Mamet. C'est la vie. 


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The "daily" thing was mostly to force myself to consistently post something new as close to daily as possible. Some days, you may get as many as seven of these, interspersed throughout other posts or in sequence for a reason.