Electric Shadow

Daily Grab 131: Breaking Free

Upstream Color has been one of my most anticipated movies of the year since its completion was announced. It was the best possible way to start SXSW 2013.

The new Blu-ray is beautiful. Even though it features none of the extras that home video collectors have come to expect and demand, the movie looks and sounds great, and that's the most important thing here. I'm not sure what sort of extras I'd even want for this movie. It either works for you and does something to your head, or it doesn't. The movie's narrative and themes rely entirely on the ebb and flow of your emotions, what happened to you that day, and the uncertainty of next week (or tomorrow). The greatest discomfort for some viewers will be its gentle nudging of you toward reconsidering the cycles we all engage in voluntarily and those we find ourselves drawn into with regard to love, money, security, and relative happiness. I'm convinced that the most terrifying thing for most people to consider isn't speaking in public, nor death, but rather, to contemplate breaking away from lives full of complacent causality.

The case is a very handsome, unobtrusive, and slim "digipack". Is that an extra?