Electric Shadow

The Missing Disc: BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS with Ebert Commentary

This movie is readily available on DVD, but the now-OOP Special Edition carries an indispensible Roger Ebert commentary that is missing from the in-print version. I don't know why this commentary disappeared when the movie was re-issued, but I presume it may have had something to do with licensing terms with the Ebert company. It could have just been Fox Legal not wanting to do some additional paperwork, I don't know.

Knowing it isn't there makes the movie un-purchaseable for me. I bought the "old" version from a local secondhand DVD shop with money that could have gone toward a reasonably-priced new copy.


The Missing Disc looks at movies that are either not available on disc at all, or which exist only in A/V quality and packaging that film fans and scholars find lacking. Every movie should be on Blu-ray, but life isn't fair, and there isn't necessarily enough restoration and remastering money around. This column fights the most reasonable fights possible.