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Tsujihara and "Forward-Thinking" at WB

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes has been rightfully shoring up support last week behind new Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara, who was elevated from being chief of the studio's home entertainment division. According to George Feltenstein in last week's episode of Screen Time, Tsujihara is the reason that Warner Archive exists in the first place.

Just yesterday, in a separate piece form Home Media Magazine, Tsujihara consolidated and reorganized roles within home entertainment such that video games fall under the same umbrella as movies and TV, and that they also support DC Entertainment in some vague manner. Huh.

In the same breath, Tsujihara created a new Chief Digital Officer position to be held by Thomas Gewecke:

Gewecke, previously president, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, is responsible for driving the studio’s worldwide digital growth and managing its global business strategy. He will further be charged with coordinating the company’s various digital distribution strategies across all current and emerging digital exhibition platforms, including direct-to-consumer, business development and Flixster groups. SVOD and TVOD functions will continue to be managed by the television and home entertainment groups. Gewecke also reports directly to Tsujihara.

“The digital revolution continues to change every aspect of the way we do business, and this strategic realignment will help us address those changes to better deliver our world-class content to the widest array of consumers across the globe,” Tsujihara said in a statement.

Bold, smart moves. "Flixster" is code for "Ultraviolet", a digital locker "solution" that needs some solutions of its own.