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An "All-New Secret Uncanny Savage Mighty Dark Dark" Experiment

I loved the idea the instant that Image Comics announced Skullkickers #19 would be re-numbered and rebooted as Uncanny Skullkickers #1. What I recall as days later, they announced #20 would be Savage Skullkickers #1. The joke is easy to spot for comics fans, with Marvel and DC both undergoing massive re-#1-ing, re-adjective-ing of their entire lines over the last 18 months.

Writer Jim Zub (who was on Giant Size #4) has written an exllecent, insightful blog post about a five-issue "unbooting adjective" experiment that he and Image Comics did with his three-year-old, swashbuckling adventure comic Skullkickers:

As Skullkickers continued through our 3rd story arc, we’d settled into a low-but-stable sales pattern. Although we were picking up new readers through our web comic site or trades, most new readers weren’t going to jump on board buying singles 18+ issues into the series.

In the spirit of the sarcasm that permeates the Skullkickers concept, I came up with a way to try hyping things in an irreverent way, announcing new adjectives and new #1′s for our entire fourth story arc, making it clear that these would be the next issues in our series but that we were having fun with the whole “reboot” thing and that Skullkickers was worth checking out. I figured our hardcore audience would stick around no matter what but that we might be able to gather some new readers by playing with adjectives and cover designs based on mainstream superhero homages.

Here’s the checklist of names and release dates we rolled out:
FEB: The Uncanny Skullkickers #1
MAR: Savage Skullkickers #1
APR: The Mighty Skullkickers #1
MAY: The All-New Secret Skullkickers #1
JUN: Dark Skullkickers Dark #1

The last one might be the best name for any comic ever printed.

If you're into adventure, swords and sorcery, Skullkickers might be a good fit. Ask your local shop about it.