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Late Night with Seth Myers

I hope they have Don Pardo do his intro. As rumored and expected for weeks, Seth Myers takes over Jimmy Fallon's soon-to-be-former job, and Lorne Michaels fully ascends to become one of the most powerful men at NBC.

My friend Devin Faraci makes a terse, good point on Twitter with a followup:

How are late night talk shows even still a thing?

Maybe Seth Meyers can also get a column in a newspaper and a job as a milk man.

I wonder how many more hours in the day do we have to watch full hours of late night talk? What happens if/when Jay Leno pulls a "Jay Leno" and goes to Fox? The following "traditional" Late Night Talk Shows will be on the air this fall:

11:30pm EST

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
The Late Show with David Letterman
Jimmy Kimmel LIVE

12:30pm EST

Late Night with Seth Myers
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Untitled Pete Holmes Late Night Show (after Conan on TBS)

The top-rated Daily Show/Colbert Report block adds a new Chris Hardwick-headlined show in the fall, which solidifies a Comedy Central 11:00-12:30 blockade. It seems like most people only watch clips of these anymore regardless.