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I Don't Know When, I Don't Like How (#160-163)

The first movie I saw in a movie theatre saw a major digital restoration…but the final product has a noticeable, major editing mistake during "Part of That World" of all things (along with a couple other places). Make sure you get a replacement disc through Disney's program that they rather quietly and begrudgingly issued. There are no copies currently available that aren't screwed up.

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I went through the process today. Here's a shortcut and a quick rundown of what it was like and what to expect (get ready to be angry):

  1. Start by calling: 800-723-4763 (U.S.), 888-877-2843 (Canada)
  2. select these menu options in this order: 1 then 5 then 6
  3. they'll get some info from the disc packaging and discs themselves from you and ask for a phone number and mailing address
  4. they'll mail you two things, a "Consumer Form" and a return label
  5. fill out the form when it arrives and put only the discs into something suitable for shipping (keep the case), slapping the label they provided on, and mail
  6. wait 4-6 weeks (as of this writing in mid-November 2013) for your replacement discs
color looks muted here as compared to the first frame above, but that's how it's supposed to look

color looks muted here as compared to the first frame above, but that's how it's supposed to look

I was on the phone for a total of about nine minutes, with basically no wait time other than menu-hunting. They asked for an email address (which you don't have to give them), and promptly asked if they could use mine to contact me for future offers (which is why I gave them a dummy email).

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The thing most people would be galled by was when at the end of the call, I was told about the upcoming Blu-ray release of Mary Poppins, which they could "take a pre-order for right here over the phone". I'm sure this is a compulsory part of the call flow forced on their phone reps, but it's disgusting to tell someone that the product they paid $25+ for retail (mine was a review copy) will be out of their hands for at least a month, and in the same breath ask them to trust you with more money for a product that could be screwed up in the same way.

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Granted, mine is a review copy provided by the studio and I'm a grown man, but to think that people with kids could be without a proper corrected copy until after the holidays at this point is shameful.

I mean seriously…they've got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty. Whozits and whatsits galore.

I guess what I'm saying is…I want more (in terms of their caring about their customers).

I'll update as The Process continues. This mess aside, the disc looked and sounded really great. I hope corrected copies actually get put on store shelves at some point.