Electric Shadow

Kumar Pallana

Kumar Pallana has always been one of my favorite parts of my very favorite Wes Anderson movies. He lived a long life, to the age 94. I would defy anyone to prove that he is not just as important to the success of Bottle Rocket as superstars-to-be Owen and Luke Wilson. I've really missed seeing him in post-Darjeeling movies from Anderson.

Kumar also founded Dallas' Cosmic Cafe, a much-beloved haunt. 

I took some fresh grabs from his performances in his four turns with American Empirical Pictures. Enjoy.

Kumar Bottle Rocket 010.jpg
Kumar Bottle Rocket 019.jpg
Kumar Rushmore 020.jpg
Kumar Royal Tenenbaums 016.jpg
Kumar Royal Tenenbaums 028.jpg
Kumar Royal Tenenbaums 029.jpg
Kumar Royal Tenenbaums 040.jpg
Kumar Darjeeling Limited 009.jpg
Kumar Bottle Rocket 001.jpg